Josh Clarke

I was born in Huntington, spent several years in Canaan Valley, and eventually moved to Fairmont with my family.  I've been involved with a ton of different things in my life, but the one that's stuck with me the longest has been brewing beer.  I've been brewing now for over 10 years, both at home and professionally.  It's something I believe in far beyond just the product itself – I believe it's a catalyst for good times and bringing people together, and that's what I'm all about.  Besides that, I love to get out and be involved in anything I possibly can.  If there's a party going on, I'm there.  If there's a guitar sitting in the corner, I'll pick it up and play it.  If there's a concert or a festival or a hiking trip going on, I'll be the first one ready to rock, guaranteed.  I'm all about letting the good times roll, and I'm hoping The Rambling Root will be the perfect opportunity to let all sides of myself create an amazing experience for all of our customers to enjoy.

Some things I'm passionate about


friends and family / adventures of all kinds / throwing parties / craft beer and brewing / live music / playing guitar / biking / DIY / reading / traveling to places I've never been / skiing and snowboarding / classic arcade games / camping / making really bad puns and jokes / becoming the next David Bowie / eating pizza for basically every meal / hiding things around the restaurant from DJ so he thinks he's losing his mind (shh, don't tell him)

DJ Cassell

I am originally from the Seattle area, but have been in my home among the hills since 2006. I met my beautiful wife Angela here and settled down here for good. I’ve found that it rains here enough to satisfy my need for cloudy skies and precipitation. I worked my way through college (all 6 years of it) and sometime after by working in restaurants at almost every position. My dad got me interested in brewing my own beer when we brewed an ESB almost 10 years ago. I also am opening my own subscription based coffee roaster Rictus Roasting, which gives 25% of its profits to Clothes to Kids. Through my experiences I believe in four things, friendliness, cleanliness, hard work and a positive environment. You will see me everywhere mopping floors, cracking jokes and making sure everyone feels at home.

Some things I'm passionate about


my better half Angela / my three cats Optimus Prime, Kiel and Molly / being Uncle DJ  /  terribly corny jokes / rippin on ukulele / slappin tha bass / board games / mountain biking / hiking / mowing my lawn / roasting coffee / drinking coffee / talking about coffee / coffee coffee / trying new food / netflix / trying to find the things I misplace

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